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Otso Organic Knitted Fabric, pink, NEW

2.20€  2.59€

10 cm

Muru Organic Cotton Knitted Fabric

Please note: price reduced due to a minor stitch error on the reverse side, which has no effect on qualities of the fabric.

100% organic cotton

Width ca. 150 cm, ca. 280 g/m²

Machine wash 60 °C, do not bleach, ironing max 150 °C (2 dots), gentle tumble dry (1 dot). Shape when wet.

Organically grown cotton (certified). No toxins or harmful pesticides have been used in the cotton growing and it is produced and dyed by GOTS standards.

1 unit = 10 cm of fabric, 10 units = 1 m of fabric.

May shrink maximum of 6 % (we will cut a bit extra because of the possible shrinking), wash before sewing.

Knitted in Finland


Only for private use! 

NOTE! Scale: biggest bear hights ca. 10 cm.

Muru - Organic Kids Wear and Other Goodies

Muru, organic children's wear collection, begun as a collaboration of two Finnish textile designers Anna Etula and Rosa Piironen. The collection is aimed for the consumer who appreciates durability, high quality and personality, along with ethical and ecologic production.

The clothes are made of soft and comfortable knitted jacquard fabric; comfort has been a key element in the design, along with the cheerful unisex-coloured patterns. Muru clothes are 100% organic cotton and have been entirely manufactured in Finland. The collection includes accessories and other products (also for adults).

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